1. Open Hours:

From 9:00 am until 19:00 pm


2. Holidays:

  • Every Monday(Open during national holiday.)

The library is open on July 21 until August 31. All Mondays are open  except the last Monday of the month.

  • Period of special arrangement of materials (in the middle of the month of February)
  • During the end of the year or new year holidays (December 28 until January 4).


  • There are temporary closure other than this, in some cases.


3. Registration for users:

It is necessary to have a library card for borrowing items at the Library. Please fill out the necessary matter in the application form at the 1st floor lobby and submit it at the counter. After the registration, library card will be lend to you . It is necessary to bring an identification card for personal confirmation of name and address like Alien Registration Card / Residence Card, Driver’s License Card etc.


4. Qualified for registration:

Person who is living, working or studying in Higashiura Town, Handa City, Tokoname City, Tokai City, Obu City, Chita City, Agui Town, Minami Chita Town, Mihama Town, Taketoyo Town, Kariya City and Takahama City.


5. Number of items that you can rent:

15 library items per head. Video tape, cassette tape, CD, DVD, etc. 3 items for audio visual materials for the total of 18 items can borrow. The number of unreturned items is included in the total number of items.


6. How to borrow:

Please show your library card together with the item that you want to borrow at the 1st floor counter.

You cannot borrow items with color violet seal [kannai seal] outside the library.



kannai seal

7.Rental period:

15 days for library materials and audio visual materials


8. Returning procedures:

  • Please return the items at the Library counter 1st floor.
  • If the Library is closed, please return the items at the return box located at the main door of the Library. You must return the audio visual materials at the counter.
  • Please rewind the video tape and cassette tape before returning it.


9. Others:

If you have any questions regarding the Library, please do not hesitate to ask the staff at the 1st floor  counter.


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